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I hope you get enjoyment from these internet links. If you would like to tell me your favourite links, please email me and I will get back to you.

Canadian Light Aircraft Sales & Service- BushCaddy
For the latest snow skiing information in Australia
Caboolture Aero Club
FAA Approved Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits
Online Trigonometry Calculator
Sports Aviation Source Book
French Property for sale/rent
Snow skiing in France
Currency Conversion Table
Torque Conversion Chart
SPORT FLYER'S Internet Resources
Sport Aviation Club
World Weather Information
Aviation Sports Aviation Organisations
Online Australian Business Register (ABR)
Quick Conversions Pro
Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia
Measuring Units Conversion Tables
Common Meteorological Conversions
Australian Ultalight Aviation Clubs
Check up on registered companies in Australia
USA aviation news, aircraft, supplies and aircraft
Australian Ultralight Federation
Visit the Federal Government HomePage
 Jabiru ultralight aircraft kit and engine supplies 
Canadian Ultralight News Mailing List

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