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Aircraft Tools


Minimum list of tools required for constructing the BushCaddy R80 all metal kit:  

Bastard cut file Sandpaper #120 grit Drill motor (preferable air driven)
aviation metal snips; -left (red grip); right (green grip); and straight (yellow grip)
3/16"; 1/4"; 5/16; 1/2" drill bits 3 foot rafter square 24" and 48" layout square
12" and 6" torpedo spirit level chalk line 1/8" cleco and cleco pliers
various clamps, all types vise grips tape measure
zinc chromate primer permanent ink felt marker bench vise
hacksaw hand or air blind-riveter torque wrench

Aircraft Tools:
After 3 months of trying to purchase aircraft tools from Australian companies I ordered a list of tools from Aircraft Tool Supply , Michigan USA and within 1 week they were delivered to my door, now that's service for you and I would recommed them to anyone as they use the VeriSign secure online transaction software.

Bucking Bar
Ultra Rule Precision Marking Protractor
Hand Seamer
1/8" Kwik-Lok Cleco Fasteners
Unibit Drill Bit
Microstop (no-mar) Countersink
1/8" Drill Bit - 12" Shank
Dimple Die Set
X-Series Rivet Gun
2 - Quick Release Spring Retainer
Hole Flanging Tool
14" Heavy Duty Aluminimum Snips
Removable Pilot Cutter (100 degree)
1/2" Pilot Cutter Removable
Edge Roller
Soft Face Hammer (8 oz)
Round Head Rivet Set
Flush Head Rivet Set
Double Deburring Tool
1/8" drill with 12" shank
Unibit-3 Drill Bit
Countersink - Adjustable Stop

The cost of the tools was $671.14US plus $190.98AUD for customs, GST and delivery

Tools Purchased in Australia: $265.03

1/8" Punch
Pack of Wet & Dry Sandpaper
Hand Seamer
Off set secrewdriver head
3 Piece File Set
Aviations snips (Red, Yellow, Green)
Quick Release Spring Retainer
Air riveting tool
1/8" Drill 5" Shank
12 - 100mm Spring Clamps
Flush Head Rivet Set
5.50mm Ezi Bit with 1/4" hex shaft

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