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  eCommerce/eBusiness Consultant

15 Leigha Place
Kureelpa  Qld  4560 
Telephone: 07 54417051   
Mobile: 0427 766827 
ABN: 12081898142

Current advertising and media releases by Internet Service Providers (ISP's) and web consultants state they have the "Proven Internet Business Model for immediate success".

Many Small-to Medium Enterprises (SME' s) accept these practitioners at their word, and as many SME's have little or no knowledge, skills or experience in this field, they simply accept the advice of their computer consultant and wonder why they are not getting the returns on their financial outlay.

Driven by Government agencies, the banks and large business organisations implying they either have a web presence or face extinction within the next 5 years, SME's become confused as they not only have to come to terms with the concepts of the internet, e-commerce, e-business and globalisation strategies, there is no regulative body or source of unbiased information they can access when developing an Internet marketing plan and an Internet business strategy suitable for their needs based on their business and marketing plan.

We at A & R Stiller and Associates Pty Ltd offer you a total solution with a step-by-step framework to ensure you are in control of the process and not being forced to accept the advice of the web designer that suites their strategy.

By integrating eCommerce with eBusiness, you have a greater opportunity of ensuring your business processes are matched with the buying and selling strategy for your goods and services. With emphasis on the customer, your organisation will be placed at the leading edge of providing a value added service.

We offer the following services:
1. FREE initial consultation to ascertain your e-commerce needs
2. Assistance in developing and /or refining your business processes and marketing plan
3. Develop a "Best Business Practice" to maximise your business potential
4. Consult with Government and business agencies to collect information to assist your business
5. Identify legal, economic and security issues and provide a range of solutions
6. Develop an e-business strategy to meet your needs
7. Web Design, installation, training and support
8. Choosing an Internet Service Provider
9. Registering a domain name
10. Hardware, software, security and technical support

An e-business strategy is not an adjunct to the SME's business plan and mode of operation, rather it is an integral component drawing on the concepts and principle of best business practices and models while incorporating an e-commerce model that best fits their business requirements and customer needs.

Call or email for an obligation free consultation

If you want to take advantage of the services, please email me with your request or query and we will negotiate an agreed contract rate.

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