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Elevator Assembly

15 Hours

Elevator: 2, 6, 7, 12 & 13 December

Mark out the the lengths and angles for the frames that make up the elevator. The one in this picture is for the right side looking forward and the 60 degree angle is to allow the rudder to move fully without hitting the elevator. The same markings will be used to set out the left elevator with the eye bolts the last items to be installed once it is aligned with the horizontal stabilizer.

On a level surface, mark out the elevator and drill holes from the trailing edge toward the front making sure the skin is tight and even across the frame by inserting clecos as you progress..
TIP: Use clamps to hold the skin the frame from the under side to the workbench to prevent the frame from twisting and/or the skin to move out of line on the underside.

This picture shows both elevators completed and held temporarily into position with bolts that are slid through the brackets on the horizontal stabilizer. The angle represents the lowest position the elevators will reach after the control rod and bracket are bolted into position. After the control bracket is fixed into position a stopper will be bolted into position to prevent the elevator from going past this position.

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