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Flight Test Plan and Manual

[25 hour]

The Australian Ulralight Federation recommends that test flight procedures follow those set out in ‘Advisory Circular’ 5/24/95, AC No 90-89A, US Department of Transport, Federal Aviation Administration for
Amateur-Built Aircraft and Ultralight Flight Testing Handbook.

The objective of a Flight Test Plan is to determine the aircraft’s controllability through-out all the maneuvers and to detect any hazardous operating characteristics or design features. This data should be used in developing a Flight Manual that specifies the aircraft’s performance and defines its operating envelope. Modifications to the flight test plan reflect the type of aircraft and the limitations placed on ultralight aircraft in Australia. The flight manual with performance details are contained in the hyperlinks below:

Flight Purpose of the Test Flight   Flight Purpose of the Test Flight  
1 Aircraft check ü 10 Best rate of climb  
2 Low speed taxi test ü 11 Slow flight test  
3 High speed taxi test ü 12 Static & dynamic longitudinal stability  
4 First Flight - controls ü 13 Lateral-directional stability  
5 Turns and controls ü 14 Accelerated stall  
6 Engine instruments ü 15 Maximum gross weight  
7 Engine performance and reliability ü 16 Maximum ceiling  
8 Airspeed accuracy ü 17 Magnetic compass ü
9 Stalls -power off and power on ü 18 Fuel consumption ü

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