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Ultralight Kit
Amature Build - Experimental Category

Australian Agent

The BushCaddy R80 is RAA eligible under the Amateur Built (Experimental) category. The BushCaddy construtor's kit is available in the conventional three axis or tail dragger configurations conforming to the Australian category of Microlight / Ultralight / Experimental aircraft as set out by the RAA (Recreational Aviation Australia)

An ultralight aircraft is a fixed wing powered aeroplane that weighs
no more than 544 kg, fully loaded for take off including the pilot,
fuel and passenger.

Who can fly an ultralight ?
Almost anyone. You must be over 15, be medically fit to drive a motorvehicle and hold an AUF Pilot Certificate. Ground and flight trainingfrom an approved facility could see you passing the test for the Pilot Certificate in as little as 20 hours of flying. If you already have flying experience, some of this can be counted towards your pilot certificate. For further information visit the AUF website and read about "Learning To Fly"

BushCaddy Specifications:

A versatile all-metal -easy to assemble, economical, tough all season aircraft, it performs equally well on wheels, ski or floats. Its wide 44 inch or 1.2m cabin with side by side seating on adjustable seats affords even a 6 ft or 1.8m plus pilot a comfortable ride.
We use only Aviation Approved 2024-T3, 6061-T6 aluminium and 4130 steel. Specialty parts are pre- formed and welded.  Constructed with pop and solid rivets, this aircraft is one of the most robust and sturdy homebuilts flying today.
The full span lexan windshield, door wide windows and low instrument panel provide excellent visibility. Pilot controlled heating and ventilation are standard equipment allowing for all weather comfort anytime of year.A large luggage compartment located behind the seats is within easy reach of the pilot.
76 kits have been sold to happy BushCaddy customers in the USA and Canada, and of these close to 52 are up and flying. The BushCaddy is the answer for the pilot who wants more from an airplane:
* modern aerodynamics for 115 + mph or 100 + knots cruise,
* stalls at 35 mph or 30 knots
* wheels, skis and floats available
* engine options from 80 hp to 120 hp
* up to 1200 fpm rate of climb
* cabin heater standard
The fully adjustable seats slide backwards and forwards on rails with safety locks, and that they are capable of sliding all the way forward until they can be disengaged and easily removed.
The simplicity of the BUSH CADDY's construction assures that first time builders can complete their aircraft in approximately 700 hours to 1500 hours depending on the experience and skill level of the builder including the painting, engine and instrument installation / wiring, interior finishing and all the final fussing.
The entire kit is crated in a wooden box 12 ft. X 4 ft. X 3 1/2 (900 lbs) or 3.66m X 1.22m X 1.07m (407.7 Kg). No template or jigs are required. Parts list and assembly plans are CAD generated, and are clear and easy to follow. The builder requires only a 1.3m by 3.7m table and hand tools to assemble the aircraft. Low landing speeds combined with superior control and stability makes access to places that bush pilots dream of a reality. With more than a 4 hour fuel range the Bush Caddy is an excellent cross country aircraft. This is truly an aircraft capable of flying anywhere, anytime of year.

Click here for full specification on the AUF site

BushCaddy R80 UL/AULA Model
Length 6.7m Wing Span 9.75m
Wing Chord 1.6m Wing Area 15.52sq.m
Cabin Width 1.1m Cabin Heigth 1.1m



Glide Ratio


Empty Weight 294 Kg Gross Weight 544 Kg
Take off 60 m Fuel Capacity 90.0 litres
Stall Speed (Vso) 28 Knots VNE 104 Knots
Choice of Engines from 60 - 120HP
* Rotax 912; 914
* 0-200 Continental
* 0-235 Lycombing
* Jabiru 2.2; Jabiru 3.3
Price Details




Visit the CLASS BushCaddy web site to find out more information on the models, construction, products,the trike, helpful hints and shop talk

Approval by the AUF under the following category:

Category Places MTOW Performance Construction Design Other requirements
95.55/1.5 2 544 Vso=45 51% amateur experimental AUF inspections

Information on Rules & Regulations, Licences & Certificates and the latest news can be obtained from the "Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australian" website.

Before flying, check out the NOTAM/MET Briefing Service, view the latest Synoptic Analysis weather map, the latest satellite image, aviation meteorology for Australia, where to order your (WAC) aeronautical charts, and finally, download ultranav free shareware software from Aerial Pursuits to complete a flight navigation form. Hope this helps you work out your flight plans. Better to be safe than flying into a storm.

If you want to find out more information on the BushCaddy, please email me for more details.

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