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BushCaddy R80
The R80 Kit


Monday 29th February 2001:

With the aircraft kit clearing customs in Brisbane it was time for it to be delivered. Due to its size, 3.6m x 1.2m x 1.07m and weight, 916Kg a crane truck was used to unload the wooden crate and push it into the shed.
The crate is constructed of pine, very solid, and the timber will be used to build the shelves to store the parts. 
Everything is neatly packed and well secured against damage. There are two lists used to check the contents. 
1. BushCaddy Aircraft Kit Model R:80 Inventory list; and
2. BushCaddy Hardware and Fastener List
You can make use of the timber and the screws to build shelves to store all the components.
After checking off the two lists and verifying the components, the owner is required to sign and return a copy within 30 days of receipt of the kit.
Make sure you check every space in the container as some parts can be found packed inside others.

Small Parts Checklist:

Unpack the boxes of components and check against the list of parts to make sure all parts have arrived. If there is anything missing, CLASS will make sure the parts are replaced.

Cost to Date:
Costs associated with the purchase, shipping and delivery to Lot 92, Leigha Place, Kureelpa 4560 in Queensland where the aircraft will be constructed have been set out below, however they should be used as a guide only when purchasing your BushCaddy R80 Trike.

Quantity Description CAD


1 R80 BushCaddy kit 18696.00  
1 Trike Landing Gear and Mount 1200.00  
1 Interior Finish Kit 950.00  
1 Wheels and Breaks both sides 2700.00  
1 Packaging and Crating 600.00  
  SUB-TOTAL 24,146.00 29,686.71


Sea Freight Montreal to Brisbane



  Customs, GST and Delivery   2,961.00
  SUB-TOTAL   4,566.68
  TOTAL   $34,253.39

Please Note: Price might change due to cost of manufacture, freight and delivery charges, custom fees and the fluctuating Australian dollar (AUD). Please contact me for an accurate cost at time of purchase at which time that price will be fixed for 30 days.

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