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BushCaddy R80
19 - 3670
Log Book

Total Build Time To Date: 1152 hrs

Construction Options:
The Workshop
Aircraft Tools
Vertical Stabilizer
Horizontal Stabilizer
Cabin Structure
Joining the Cabin to the Fuselage
Delux Seats
Painting 19-3670
Doors, Windshield and Landing Gear
Constructing the Wings
Attaching the Wings
Cabin Fitout
Installing the Static Ports
Jabiru 3300 - Power Plant
Bungee Cord Installation
Final Assembly at Hanger 10
Weight and Balance
AUF Registration
Front Wheel Modifications
Firewall Forward Modifications

Maiden Flight for 19-3670 over Caboolture Airport.
3 October 2002

At 10:15am on the 3rd October 2002 the first Australian constructed BushCaddy has made its maiden flight from Caboolture airport. The 19-3670 has taken 19 months and 1152 hours to construct but the feeling of exhilaration in accomplishing such a project was rewarded when it lifted into the sky and handled perfectly. Follow the test flight data to see how it performs. A view of Caboolture airport and city from the cabin at 2000ft as I performed control checks before its first landing on the grass strip. Click on the link for Caboolture airport to find out more details and read the newsletter.

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