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19 - 3670

Januray 11 2002: Notification arrived today from the Australian Ultralight Federation of the assignment of AUF registration number 19 - 3670 valid for one year but will certainly have the BushCaddy R80 CA001-77 completed before that time. So my call sign will be BushCaddy 3670

There are six stages in the process:
1. Confirmation and Understanding of Building Requirements
2. Advising the AUF of Intent to Build and Receiving Confirmation of Acceptability
3. Applying for Allocation of an AUF Registration Number (within 2 months of completion)
4. Pre-Flight Final Inspection
5. Issue of a Provisional Registration
6. Issue of Full Registration

AUF Standard Forms and other Advices:
1. Operations
2. Technical
3. Amateur Building Forms

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